Prone to eczema, Psoriasis and more?

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Nourishing Skin Tissue oil helping to improve the appearance of scars, stretchmarks, ageing spots, dry skin and skin tone.

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Aids relaxation, easing tension, soothing tired ache legs, muscle and joint discomfort and aching swollen feet and ankles and restless leg.

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Soap Flower Bouquets

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Send a gift of soap flowers with a special message...

Just add one or two flowers to your warm bath, relax and watch the cute flowers dissolve right before your very eyes. You will enjoy Colourful Water and a Great Scent. It leaves your skin soft, silky, and smelling wonderfully fresh. Send a Bouqet of Flowers to someone special. They will BEE amazed and delighted as the flowers look so real. Leave a Message under Notes on your order and we will add a gift tag

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