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 Propolis and Honey Bee Health, Skincare and Wellbeing Products for Vitality and Health

Natural skincare // Direct from the flower to the bee to you

Bee good to your skin

Our ranges of creams and balms (including propolis creams and natural dry skin moisturisers are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema and dermatitis) use the natural benefits of bee’s products to leave your skin feeling soft and shielded.  Our natural skin care treatments are ideal for those who wish to achieve a healthy vibrant skin through natural means. 


A gift from Mother Nature, bee’s products provide fantastic overall health, rich antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that act as powerful hydrators, moisturisers and cleansers.  Always paraben free and only using natural plant-based products Ultra Bee Health invites you to love your skin. Read more about our ingredients.

Our Philosophy

We champion sustainable, natural and responsible products and are dedicated to saving our bees.  By using bee health - based ingredients in our propolis and honey creams and balms we are able to directly contribute to the sustainability of our precious bees and their environment. We have taken inspiration from our ancestors by harnessing the centuries old beneficial powers of bee-based ingredients and combining these with the most beneficial plant-based botanicals of today to ensure our products are for everyone and that they are current, gentle, efficient and pleasurable to use.  Read more about us.


Our Products Are Not Massed Produced, Filled With Artificial Ingredients, Harsh Chemicals and Cheap Fillers. Our Unique Ingredients Have Been Specifically Selected For Their Beneficial Properties From Nature and are Specifically Chosen to Work. 


Please find our bestselling, naturally honey rich products feautured below together with our full range of beauty and propolis health products (listed in the MENU tab above)

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