Profile image Francesca
(*) .....From the first application of Exeskin the itching was significantly started to come back a little by the evening but when using the steroid cream the itching would be back by mid afternoon. I now use it twice a day and the itching is totally under control. It is frankly AMAZING...
Profile image Moisesgom
(*) Hi just had to let you know that I have been using the Anti Ageing Balm for a while now and I can visibly see the difference in my skin condition. Appears smoother and definitely less fine wrinkles
Profile image Girlon
(*) I buy lots of things on line and very rarely leave reviews. However, this Anti Ageing Balm is outstanding. I have incredibly sensitive skin and find it almost impossible to find a moisturiser that is suitable for use, effective and reasonably priced. This is all three. It has made my skin so beautifully soft, the scent is subtle and I have had no reaction to it and I would consider it to be excellent value for money. I will certainly be recommending it to friends...Thank you.
Profile image Nina
(*) Hi everyone! I don't know if anyone will read this but anyway, I just wanted to write you this email just to say -- Thank you for bringing this product (Ultra Bee Exeskin) into my life! I have had skin prone to eczema for most of my life (20 years and i'm 23) and i have never found anything as good as this product, I attached a before and after image just to show you how this amazing product worked within 1 day! Again Thank you so much! From Nina B
Profile image Melanie E.
(*) I just want to let everyone with highly sensitive skin know that Ultra bees All in one honey balm is fantastic. I tried lots of organic moisturisers but kept getting red spots and a rash on my face. The honey balm is so natural, there's nothing to react to, no essential oils or perfume. It cleared my skin up and I now use it as a moisturiser. I can't thank Ultra bee enough. They couldn't have been more helpful. Lovely people and a fab product. Melanie.
Profile image D. Irvine
(*) I'm an ultra distance cyclist, I've used Cyclist Butt Balm in non-stop rides up to 880 miles long and it's quite simply the best anti friction product I have used. Best applied directly to the skin rather than on the chamois pad. It is a small pot but you don't need a huge amount per application. I find one application will last for in excess of 12 hours easily......This review was written having got to the end of the first pot, i.e. well and truly tested
Profile image C.YATES
(*) Just received your product and put it on itchy eczema prone skin.Already the relief is amazing.Fantastic stuff! C. Yates
Profile image H Slater
(*) I'm using it on my son's eczema prone skin on his face and it works brilliantly,
Profile image J.Collette
(*) I would like to send a review about Tissue oil. Within day 2 of using just a drop of this magic potion as a facial moisturiser, my face is so smooth, soft, toned, even and firmer. It's incredibly nourishing and hydrating. Amazing. Also the customer service is also wonderful. Thanks Ultra Bee.