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Organic Evening Syrup Propolis, Honey, Poppy 145ml

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Organic Family Evening Syrup Propolis, Honey, Poppy, Elderberry, Thyme 145ml



Traditional Organic Formula


COLOURANT-FREE  *AND ADDED PRESERVATIVE-FREE       (*in conformity with the organic farming standards)

Propolia's Organic Evening Syrup combines all the soothing and protective virtues of Honey and Propolis with plant extracts and essential oils chosen for being effective on the throat.

Through the day or in the evening before bedtime, experience the benefits of this organic formula which combines Propolis, Honey and Poppy which encourages a better sleep, and the soothing properties of Thyme and Marshmallow have relaxing properties and work on the throat.

For an evening of serenity.

Sweet and light, its smooth taste makes it easy to drink!

The Evening Syrup is very much appreciated by children for its sweet and smooth flavor - a product that works for the whole family.

Texture: Slightly viscous liquid, dark honey color.

Scent: Propolis (balsamic, wooded…), pine and thyme.

Flavour: Sweet, fresh, mixing taste of propolis, pine and thyme.

More Information

Shake well before use.

Take one tablespoon (15ml) once a day, preferably in the evening or one teaspoon (5ml) three times a day. Keep refrigerated after opening.

From 3 years.

Contraindicated in people allergic to bee products.

Avoid in pregnant women.

Does not replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep out of the reach of young children.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Store away from heat and moisture.


Rice syrup* (gluten-free), Honey* 20%, Aqueous plant extracts* 16% (Poppy*, Marshmallow*, Elderberry*, Thyme*), Lemon juice*, Purified Propolis Extract* 3%.

*Ingredients coming from organic farming 

Nutritional value for 15 ml (3 tablespoons): 
Honey 3,87g; Propolis Extract 580mg; Aqueous Plant Extracts: Papaver rhoeas 773mg, Althaea officinalis 773mg, Sambucus nigra 773mg, Thymus vulgaris 773mg; Lemon Juice 0,97g.