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Ancient Wisdom

Paper Soap - Mango

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Mango Paper Soap


Mango Paper Soap sheets in a compact with a beautiful Mango scent.

The convenience of soap on the go!

Travel a lot? Just slip them into your carry-on luggage... No more messy surprises due to leaky containers and more room in your bag.

A big hit with Mums too. Little ones can be spruced up quickly and conveniently when out and about...

More Information

Place one soap leaf in the palm of your hand. Add warm water. Later and rinse.

Do not consume.

Always store out of reach of children.


Sodium alkyl sulfatecocoamido Propylbetainecocoamide deapapaffnum liquidumparfumGlycerinePhenoxyethanolEthylhexylglycerincabomerDimethiconesodium polyacrylatetapioca starchAquamelaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oilCI 19140