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Hand Sanitiser (Moisturising - 70% - Uk Made) 50ml

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Hand Sanitiser

Stay safe and clean with these travel-sized pocket hand sanitisers, in 50ml bottles.

  • 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel
  • Tested to EN1276 and EN1500, Made In England
  • Quick Drying, No Water Required
  • Proven To Be Quick and Effective at Killing 99.99% of all Bacteria
  • Complete With Nourishing Moisturiser – Kind to Skin
  • Made in the UK

Designed to protect your hands and keep them free of bacteria when on the go, our UK made antibacterial hand sanitiser gel is proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria.

The gel consistency means that it’s quick drying and furthermore, the nourishing formula helps keep your hands moisturised – unlike other drying hand sanitisers.

Tested to British standards EN1276 and EN1500, Lakeland Cosmetics’ trusted brand of hand sanitiser includes 70% alcohol content, which is 10% more than the required amount needed to kill bacteria and viruses. This allows you to coat your hands in a protective layer of anti bacterial gel, which is suitable for frequent use.

There isn’t a more effective way of keeping your hands bacteria free when out and about.