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Goloka Pure Aroma Oil - Various 10ml

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Aroma Oil

Goloka Pure Aroma Oil

Each bottle of Goloka Pure Aroma Oil comes in a beautifully designed cardboard pouch making it a great gift idea.

Himalayan White Musk is designed to rid the atmosphere of negative and anxious emotions and help with meditation and peaceful sleep.

Mystic Rose fragrance has been created from a blend of rose oil, blossom and rosewood and is designed to be sweet, soothing and an effective mood lifter.

Sandalwood is one of the most popular and nostalgic fragrances effective at relaxing brain waves and reducing stress.

French Lavender is a popular fragrance which is known for its calming and soothing qualities. This fragance is designed to center one's conciousness to create an ambience for concentration and meditation.

Egyptian Jasmine is also known as Queen of the Night because that's when this aroma is strongest. Jasmine has a sweet, floral scent full of warm tones that is said to recharge the atmosphere and replenish and restore energy.

Californian White Sage is made from the silver-white leaves of the Salvia Apiana plant that grows on the coast of California, white sage is a sacred herb and has been used by shamans and indigenous people for generations for purification ceremonies. This fragrance is designed to give a positive boost to closed spaces and neutralise smoke and other odors.

Myrrh is a popular scent said to contribute to restful sleep and providing calming effects when stressed.

Spanish Rosemary is a fragrant herb said to help refresh memory and brighten the mind.

Frankincense / Olibanum is a scented resin found in the Boswellia tree located in both Indian and Arab destinations. The scent is sweet and spicy and is designed to strengthen spirital aura.

Mint is the perfect fragrance for creating a refreshing atmosphere in the home and is often used before bathing and washing to create a cooling ambience.

Citronella is made from several different Asian grasses and citrus fruits and its refreshing scent is perfect for summer. Citronella is also popular for helping to keep bugs and insects at bay.

Aruda Rue is similar to white sage and palo santo making it an ideal scent for purifying the home. For centuries this herb was also used for medicinal purposes.

Please note this item is not an essential oil and should not be applied to skin.

Directions: This oil should be used in an oil burner. It's recommended to add water to the burner before adding 5 drops of the fragrance oil. Once the tealight is lit and placed underneath the liquid will begin to warm and the fragrance will start to rise. Goloka fragrance oils are made in India.

Suitable for use with our oil burners and used for refreshing potpourri.

Product not tested on animals.

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