Intense Propolis Tincture 21% Propolis – Skin & Oral 30ml


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The Propolis Mother Tincture benefits from a traditional reputation and has been largely recognised by apitherapists as an excellent way of delivering the powers of propolis.

Concentrated in more than 20 % of Propolis this traditional formulation will help your body to remain healthy and reinforce its defense.

Utilising the extraordinary properties of propolis, it is a multi purpose product.

It can be used as a gargle (in water) or mixed with honey for the throat

Mixed with hot water or on top of a sugar cube to fight winter ailments

Effective for Oral Maintenance – ( Teeth and Gums)

or even by direct application on damaged skin or imperfections as an externally applied ointment.

It makes a great addition to the bathroom cabinet!

Balsamic and woody scents easily blend with the alcohol scent of the Intense Propolis Tincture

Although alcohol brings a light bitterness to the product taste, propolis offers earthy notes and a warm sensation with peppery taste.

Texture: Fluid, can tend to stick on the skin and to color because of the coniferous origin of the propolis

Scent: Smell of propolis (balsamic, woody)

Taste: The alcohol brings a light bitterness, but propolis offers earthy notes, and a warm sensation with peppery taste

30ml Glass Pipette drop container

As an example a 30ml glass pippette container will give a 10 day treatment at 4 times use a day

Weight 0.05 kg


100% purified extract of ropolis.
Solvents of the extract: alcohol, water.

Per 4 droppers:

2.8mL (2.62g) Propolis extract or 420mg Pure Propolis.


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