Himalayan Salt Soap with Sisal Bag


This Himalayan Salt Soap bar gently cleans and revitalises skin and can be used in the shower or bath. It’s fantastic for those sensitive or allergic to traditional soap and can help heal and control many problematic skin conditions.

Each bar of salt soap comes with complimentary sisal soap bag.

Long prized for its medicinal benefits it is thought to be one of the purest salts on earth. Himalayan salt crystals are harvested from salt beds, that were covered in lava, snow, and ice and remained that way for years. The unique pinkish hue is derived from its elements including Iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium all of which are essential minerals that the human body needs.

Himalayan salt crystals contain minerals, small enough for our body and skin to absorb, providing amazing therapeutic benefits to skin, body, and mind. Including:

Chromium – Fights acne and reduces skin infections.

Zinc – aids in the healing and helps prevent scarring. It helps prevent acne by regulating the activity of oil glands.

Sulfur – keeps skin clear and smooth helps to diminish dry patches.

Cleanse and Balance. Let the Pink Himalayan Salt soap float in a warm water bath for a few minutes before entering. Then use as usual. This salt bath will deep cleanse the skin, balance skin’s ph and remineralize the body.

Aids with symptoms of Psoriasis and Acne Problems

Clinical studies confirm the absorption of salt minerals into the skin.

It works on the skin by drawing out toxins.

Chemical free Soap


Himalayan Salt Crystals


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