Propolia® 100% Pure Propolis to Chew

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 Through this Propolis specially selected for its purity, you can find all the qualities of 100% natural effects.

It's Purifying Properties Reinforce Throat and Mouth Hygiene

All you have to do is keep one of these small bars in the mouth and quickly the characteristic flavor becomes apparent.

Use a 1 g Propolis bar per day. Heat gently one of these little bars in your mouth before chewing: the characteristic and revealing tingling effect of the Propolis working is felt. Keep it in your mouth for from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on your needs, or just until it melt

The bar can also be applied externally directly onto the area of skin to be treated. 

10 g (in pre-cut packets)

Texture:  Chewy 

Taste: Characteristic taste of Propolis 

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100% purified Propolis

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