Propolia Throat Syrup Propolis, Honey, Pine, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Violet, Star Anise, Mallow 145ml

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The traditional formula of the Throat Health Syrup combines all the soothing and protective virtues of Honey and Propolis with plant extracts and essential oils chosen for for being very effective on the throat. It is a natural shield: an essential ally against winter aggressions.

This product is highly recommended for people with mucous membranes sensitive to external attacks and regular sore throats. The association of eucalyptus with common mallow is particularly efficient in this context.

The Throat Health Syrup is very much appreciated by children for its sweet and smooth flavor - a product that works for the whole family.

Texture: Slightly viscous liquid, dark honey color.

Scent: Propolis (balsamic, wooded…), pine and thyme.

Flavour: Sweet, fresh, mixing taste of propolis, pine and thyme.

More Information

Ingredients: Wheat syrup (gluten free), Honey 24.3%, Aqueous plant extracts 21.4% (Hyssop, Pine, Thyme, Lavender, Star anise, Poppy, Mullein, Mauve, Violette), purified Propolis extract 3%, Essential Lemon, Pine, Eucalyptus and Thyme oils.


Nutritional values per 15mL (3 soup spoons):

Honey 4.76g; Propolis extract 586mg; Aqueous plant extracts: Hyssopus officinalis 1g, Pinus sylvestris 710mg, Thymus vulgaris 669mg, Lavandula spica 627mg, Illicium verum 376mg, Papaver rhoeas 334mg, Verbascum thapsiforme 209mg, Malva sylvestris 209mg, Viola odorata 42mg; Essential oils: Citrus limon 20.1mg, Pinus sylvestris 5.86mg, Eucalyptus globulus 5.86mg, Thymus vulgaris 4.3mg.

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