Are Ultra Bee products really 100% natural?

Honey, Beeswax, Bee Pollen and Bee Propolis are provided directly from nature. Other ingredients, essential oils are plant derived and we avoid the use of colours and perfumes.

Are Ultra Bee Products Organic?

All our ingredients are 99% Organic.We cannot guarantee where the bees have foraged and so do not claim 100% Organic status. Bees Can travel quiet a distance whilst foraging . Honey bee foragers commonly fly up to four miles (6.5 km) to collect nectar and pollen from flowers, and can potentially cover 50 000 acres (20 000 hectares). It is estimated that it takes 10 million foraging trips to make the equivalent of one jar of honey (1lb or 454 g). The Bees have been known to travel as far as 20 miles in search of food if necessary.

What are the beneficial properties of honey and beeswax for the skin?

Honey's healing power is believed to be due to its hygroscopic nature (ability to draw moisture). It is able to draw moisture from the air to help re-hydrate the skin. Beeswax is rich in protein helping to repair and protect. 

What is propolis?

Propolis is produced by bees to help seal wax and the honeycomb together and is well known for its strong purifying qualities .

Why do Ultra Bee Products work?

Drawing moisture from the air, the creams re-hydrate the skin, leaving it supple and soft and preventing signs of ageing.
The benefits of Beeswax allow the skin to be rejuvenated and replenished and Propolis purifying properties helps in the conditioning of skin, blemishes and scarring.

Are Ultra Bee products safe for sensitive skin or babies?

We have had very positive response from people with sensitive skin. Ultra Bee products are very natural and are suitable for those people that are prone to skin complaints such as eczema or psoriasis. We always encourage customers to try a little bit on a small area of skin initially to see if it is suitable.

Why pollen from bees?

Containing at least 18 amino acids, more than 27 vitamins, 28 minerals, 11 enzymes or co-enzymes, 24 beneficial fatty acids, and 11 carbohydrates, studies have found that the pollen bees collect to be incredibly beneficial.

Do you use any synthetics in your products?

We use no petrochemicals, harsh chemical scents or chemical preservatives, so that you can be absolutely sure that no animal has suffered to produce your product. Plant oils and honey have been used by humans for centuries without the harmful side effects increasingly evident in today’s chemical-laden world.

Why we only use natural ingredients.
Our skin is the largest absorptive organ in the human body.

What is placed on the skin is readily absorbed, making its way through our internal systems.

Try rubbing a cut garlic clove on the sole of your foot. The distinctive odour will appear on your breath in just a minute.

So what are petrochemicals doing to our body as well as our skin? Does Ultra Bee products really work?

These products usually produce a visible improvement on your skin after a short time, even if you are prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or other superficial skin problems. See our Testimonials.

Are Ultra Bee products suitable for vegetarians?

All Ultra Bee products are suitable for vegetarians.

Do you use Preservatives in Ultra Bee Products?

Honey, Propolis and Beeswax are incredible natural preservatives and have been used safely for thousands of years to preserve everything from food to Egyptian mummies! We therefore don't need to use any additional preservatives.

Do your products contain Parabens?

None of our products contain Parabens.

Do your products contain alcohol?

Our products do NOT contain alcohol and are therefore suitable for members whose faith prohibit the use of alcohol.

What are the specific benefits of Bee Honey?

For centuries honey has been one of nature's best kept beauty secrets. It has so many skin benefits it’s hard to know where to start! In it’s purest form it’s suitable for all skin types even sensitive and assists with perfecting, cleansing, and protecting the skin. Naturally antibacterial it helps to balance hormonal skin and is full of antioxidants that collectively contribute to the slowing down of skin ageing. Importantly, it is a natural humectant so not only does it attract water but it retains it in the skin so that the skin remains supple and elastic. This makes it extremely moisturising, soothing and able to protect against fine lines, wrinkles and dryness. It really does help to deliver a ‘honey glow’ to your skin!

What are the specific benefits of Bee Propolis?

A truly amazing ingredient, Propolis is a resin collected by honeybees from tree sap and the botanicals around them and used to fill small holes and gaps in the hive. Propolis is a natural skin-soother, thought to have skin protecting and healing properties. Used in folk medicine for centuries it is known to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. The word propolis is of Greek origin, stemming from 'pro' meaning 'in defence of' and 'polis' meaning 'city'. As the name suggests, propolis is a product involved in the defence of the bee community and as such, it possesses well known 'healing' and ‘antimicrobial’ properties, which have been used for centuries in medicinal and health-related ways. Overall propolis helps in the maintenance of a strong immune system and the body’s resistance to viruses. For the skin this means it’s strong anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties make it one of the best ingredients for balancing problematic skins. It stops bacteria spreading and enhances skin renewal. Rich in vitamins B, C and E it’s a natural skin healer.

What are the specific benefits of Beeswax?

Beeswax is another 'miracle-worker' in nature's arsenal of skincare ingredients. Beeswax is a natural protector. Acting as a surfactant in skincare it creates a barrier on the surface of the skin protecting against bacteria and acting as a natural skin strengthener. It’s perfect when incorporated in products designed to protect against harsh weather such as lip and hand elixirs. When used as an emollient and humectant it will help to soften dry and parched skins. Rich in vitamin A it can support cell rejuvenation and re-hydration.

Are your products suitable Sensitive skin & skin conditions?

In creating our Ultra Bee products we have specifically excluded many of the known irritants from our formulations to ensure that they are as gentle and comfortable as possible for sensitive skins. We don't use any parabens, synthetic colours, mineral oil, silicone, SLS or SLES and we use botanical ingredients and plant oils that have a close synergy with the skin, in addition to the combined benefits of natural skin comforters honey, propolis and beeswax.

In all cases we highly recommend patch testing before general application, and for anyone suffering from specific skin conditions we suggest you talk to your GP in advance of applying any skincare products to these sensitive areas.

I have oily skin, do I still need to moisturise?

All skin, however oily, needs nurturing with vitamins and essential fatty acids twice a day, morning and night to ensure that it's in the best possible condition.

I'm pregnant and worried about using essential oils. Should I stop using the products?

Our skincare products are formulated to be safe to use during pregnancy, however we would suggest that you seek advice from your GP, midwife or a qualified aromatherapist before using the products in our range if you believe that you may respond adversely to products containing essential oils.

Are your products suitable for men as well as women?

Although men’s skin differs from women’s we all need to maintain the moisturisation and hydration needed for healthy, happy skin. Since men tend to have thicker skin and higher levels of collagen, it can be more prone to hormonal sebum production leading to increased breakouts and blocked pores. With the added factor of hair growth they need skincare that can address moisture, excess sebum and hydration. Our active ingredients include Honey – natures’ miracle moisturiser, antibacterial Propolis, repairing and protective Beeswax. This makes our skincare suitable for everyone.

What is your position on sustainability?

By using our bee-based ingredients we are able to directly contribute to the sustainability of our precious bees and their environment. We have taken inspiration from our ancestors by harnessing the centuries old healing powers of bee-based ingredients and combining these with the most beneficial plant based botanicals of today to ensure our products are for everyone and that they are current, gentle, hardworking and pleasurable to use.

Every time you buy a Ultra Bee product you are actively contributing to the sustainability of bee farming. We support the Bee Cause Saving British Bees.