Active Shower Gel - Propolis ,Mandarin, Orange SLS / SLES FREE

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Be carried away by the sweet aromatic scents of citrus while your body is perfectly cleansed and the Propolis leaves you with beautiful and healthy skin.

This gentle shower gel is called “Active” as Propolis plays a regenerative role and soothes the skin.

Certified Organic, Propolia Active Shower Gel respects all skin types thanks to its well-balanced pH.

Made in France, Propolis used by Apimab Laboratoires is subject to various tests to ensure top quality. Composed of 99% natural and organic ingredients, the gel is a product certified by Ecocert and Cosmebio. Cosmebio guarantees that certified cosmetic products are naturally sourced and environmentally friendly, and Ecocert is the leading European authority on organic and ecological certification, a pledge of reliability and traceability of products from Apimab Laboratoires.



Texture: Liquid gel that foams well.

Scent: The product has a good smell of Mandarin, enhanced with that of Propolis. After rinsing, it leaves a sweet natural smell on the skin.

Visual: Orange color, which tends to darken with time (Propolis)

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